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2D illustrator Amsterdam

Studio AK-27 is a specialized illustration studio located in Amsterdam. We have a 2D illustrator who can make illustrations and graphics for any magazine.

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Studio AK-27

This illustration studio in Amsterdam designs festival posters, t-shirts, 2D and 3D illustrations. Our illustrator (Wouter Corduwener) works with different materials like pen and ink, etching and woodcut technique. Below you can find some examples. Our illustrator can make work for any magazine in any city or country. We work in Amsterdam, but we are also internationally orientated. We also have a special branding with Dutch souvenirs and illustrations: Millustrations.

Work from our 2D illustrator in Amsterdam

Most of the drawings of our 2D illustrator are made for magazines, but he can also make festival posters for Amsterdam music festivals. The poster design and graphic design of Studio AK-27 is raw and expressive. Everything is designed in his work spot in Amsterdam. If you want to see some graphic design, please click this button.

T-shirts and other stuff

Besides 2D illustration, our illustrator also prints t-shirts with woodcuts. We deliver our t-shirts from Amsterdam to any city or any country. Realize that everything is 100% handmade and that we are the only studio who prints its t-shirts with woodcuts. Other graphic studios or print shops mostly use screen print.

Mobiel: 06 - 275 913 68
Fijnje van Salverdastraat 6-2

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