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3D illustrator Amsterdam

Studio Ak-27 uses the same imagery for its 3D illustration. Our 3D illustrator from Amsterdam makes board games, festival objects, printed tables, etcetera.

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3D illustrator in Amsterdam

We can also make a picture of the 3D-artwork and use it as a 2D illustration for a magazine or poster. We are located in Amsterdam, but we also work for international customers. The 3D illustrator Wouter Corduwener works with different materials, like woodcut, etching and paper craft.

Poster design Amsterdam

This 3D style is really effective for poster design and graphic design. Our 3D illustrator makes drawings in his work spot in Amsterdam. If you want festival posters or event posters, we can use this style and make an outstanding poster for you. It is our specialty to use woodcuts and stamps. The way how we use these stamps for a 3-dimensional product is exclusive, because you don’t see this anywhere else.


Besides a 3D illustrator, we also have a 2D illustrator who makes t-shirts and 2D illustrations in the illustration studio in Amsterdam. We deliver our products from Amsterdam to any other country. Please take a look at our webshop if you are interested to see more of our products.

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