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T-shirt Amsterdam

Usually designs are printed on a t-shirt with screen printing ink. Studio AK-27 in Amsterdam prints all your designs with its woodcut techniques on t-shirts. The minimum amount of t-shirts we deliver is 5. If you order 6 – 10 t-shirts the price of each t-shirt is $35. If you order more than 11 t-shirts the price will be $30 dollar of each t-shirt.

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T-shirt your idea
You can send your own sketch or Studio AK-27 can make sketches for you according to your ideas. Some examples are: business clothes, a personal t-shirt present, your own t-shirt design for your club or we can print a caricature or portrait on t-shirt. We can deliver your t-shirt from Amsterdam to any country. You can have any request and we will find a way to design it.

High quality prints on t-shirt Amsterdam
If you decide to print your own designed t-shirt by Studio AK-27 in Amsterdam, realize that you not only have a print on your t-shirt, but also a unique artwork. You will be surprised that you will pay the same for a unique shirt like this as for a shirt of a well known brand. Studio Ak-27 is the only studio who uses woodcuts for t-shirt printing.

Advantages of woodcut print on t-shirt
Besides the exclusiveness of a woodcut print on t-shirt from Studio AK-27 in Amsterdam, there are several other advantages if you compare it with screen print. Firstly, every t-shirt is a bit different, because they are all handmade by different woodcut blocks. Secondly the lines are raw and the colors are not equal. This makes your shirt really artistic and gives it an expressive touch.

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