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Ilustrator Amsterdam

Studio AK-27 is a small specialized creative studio. Our illustrator from Amsterdam is specialized in illustration, graphic design and t-shirt design.

Studio AK-27

Wouter Corduwener is born in Amsterdam, who graduated in 2011 at the University of Arts in Utrecht. In 2012 he started his own graphic design and illustration studio with the name Studio AK-27. The work of this illustrator in Amsterdam has a raw expressive style. Most of the illustrations and poster designs are being made in his own illustration studio in Amsterdam. In 2015 Studio AK-27 started Millustrations, a brand for international customers.

Style of this illustrator in Amsterdam
Studio AK-27 fulfills all your specific wishes. Several sketches will be proposed, so you will have enough choice. If you like poster design or graphic design, Studio AK-27 can also help you. Any illustration or graphic design will be made in the work spot of this illustrator in Amsterdam. Many illustrations are made with woodcut prints. Even the t-shirts are printed by woodcut prints in this work spot in Amsterdam.


If you have questions or if you have a special request and you want to have some more information, please click on the contact button. This illustrator in Amsterdam has his own Facebook page: Check it out here. Please feel free to give a review or to like the Facebook page of Studio AK-27.

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Mobiel: 06 - 275 913 68
Fijnje van Salverdastraat 6-2

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